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KP380 Smart Vacuum Module Gauge

Measurement Range
1.0E-04Torr to 1500 Torr

Application Sensor
KVC330 NTA Pirani Vacuum Gauge

Optional : interface
RS485 ASCⅡ, RS485 ModBus RTU
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KP380 is compact design that provides a solution that is easy to install and reduces reliability and cost.

KP380 is controls various vacuum systems and pressures by measuring the vacuum according to the user's application and utilizing the output.




Key Feature 

-KP380 is combined vacuum gauge using Pirani & Pizeo resistive slicon sensor.

-KP380 is compact design and accuracy, stability, reliability, reproducibility, durability will help 

 with company quality and productivity.

-This Vacuum Gauge uses a piezo-resistance silicon pressure sensor, Improve the accuracy of atmospheric

 pressure and allow vacuum values to be measured to a wide area. 

-CE-certified product.




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